I’ve finally gotten enough sequins stuck to my Elsa bodice to feel confident in the way these thing look, so I’m now listing bundles of my custom-made sequins on Etsy.  I’ve already posted a lot of information on how I made these and where to get the materials, but if you’d like them without importing sequin film or buying a computerized paper cutter, they can be yours!

Click here to visit my shop!

Okay, so someone bought all but one of the listings I had posted less than 24 hours after they had gone online, and I’m currently working on getting that order filled.

The thing I’m wondering is: are there more people who would be interested in ordering these?  The issue is that due to basically being cleaned out, I only have enough sequin film to make about half as many sequins as would be needed for an adult-sized bodice.  I can order more sequin film and probably get enough to make 4-5 more bodice’s worth, but shipping costs make it stupidly expensive to import and I would need people interested in ordering to justify the expense.

Basically I’m wondering if anyone still has interest in me listing more of these for sale.  Let me know if you do!

If people ARE interested, get them to put a down payment before you place the order? That will keep you from ordering and then getting burned.

Also, signal boost these are hella rad.

signal boooosssttt

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This is what I look like right now.

so cool

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More Photos from London Flim & Comic Con that I was this weekend.

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Coldplay hack #6: how to make fabric cut outs that don’t need hems

This is good for appliqué and other such fabric uses that you don’t want to unravel but you can’t finish the edge with a hem

Fusible webbing/ iron on interfacing
Your fabric
A stencil if desired
For Large Appliqué : take the fusible webbing and flip it to the BUMPY side!
This is the side that will attach to your fabric making it the “right side”

draw out the shape of the piece you desire(in exact dimensions) or cut out a swatch big enough that you can cut your desired piece out after ironing

To finish, set your iron to the highest setting your fabric can take, and carefully melt the interfacing glue to your fabric

Be patient, because if you do not get the edges good, it could unravel on you
Also choose a single side ( I prefer the center) and iron carefully so as not to create wrinkles or bubbles- there is nothing you can do if these occur

Small Appliqué Pieces:

You may follow the same procedure as before, but if you are making many pieces this way is faster

Cut out a swatch of webbing big enough that you could cut out all of your shapes, and carefully iron it to the back of desired fabric

Once attached, you can free hand cut your designs, or flip it over to the interfacing side and sketch your shapes for cutting *this must be a reverse image or words and such will come out backwards* so if you are using stencils, flip so that you write letters/numbers/whatever backwards

Cut out traced pieces from the interfaced fabric, and you’re done :3

Good luck

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Becoming A Thornberry!

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Progress - Zero
Well. Today I cut the long ponytail clip in two and very poorly reattached them to clips that are probably too large. The netting shows on side views so I’m hoping if I make the tails of the hair bow longer, that it can cover that. The two clips are in some dire need of detangling too. They’re braided now to prevent any further mess..? Imo this probably could have been executed better if I had more wig smarts.
… But I guess I can’t be extremely picky since I still have a ton to get done before the 6th. 

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